Height-adjustable workstations

Working on a height-adjustable desk is healthy.
An electrically adjustable workstation is ergonomically responsible,
stimulating and affordable for everyone.

After all, you only have one body.

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 Prevents back and neck complaints

 Increases alertness and energy

 Be healthier

 Adaptable to everyone's needs and wishes

 Allow for dynamic meetings

Discover the advantages of a SitStand desk


You want to test a height-adjustable desk free of charge for one day before you buy one.
This can be done without any obligation in one of our test centers.

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From now on, SitStand also offers its height-adjustable desks in an "as-a-service" formula.

You no longer buy your SitStand desks but pay for what you use, the correct term is 'renting'. So you don't have to finance the purchase all at once and it isn't put on balance either.

This allows you to immediately provide your employees with the most healthy workstations. The direct result is more motivation and fewer complaints related to the workplace. In this way, the investment in sitting and working places pays for itself very quickly.

Don't wait any longer and become a BOSS of your workplace: Bureau As A Service

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BiVO Light of BiVO werkplek?

Dynamic working for every use is possible thanks to the ZitSta desks.
The only choice you have to make is whether you go for a BiVO Light or a BiVO workplace.
Occasionally vs intensive use

BIVO Light or BIVO Workplace